How to apply

Click here to apply for WIC or request an appointment online.

How do I know if I qualify for WIC?

You need to meet the following requirements to qualify for WIC:

  • Your household’s gross income must be at or below the income eligibility guidelines (shown below). This is based on the size of your household.
    • Pregnant women should count their unborn child as a household member.
    • If you receive Medicaid, SNAP (food stamps), or TANF (Family Employment Program), your income already qualifies you for WIC.

         WIC income eligibility guidelines

         Effective July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025

Household size* Annual Monthly Twice monthly Bi-weekly Weekly
1 $27,861 $2,322 $1,161 $1,072 $536
2 $37,814 $3,152 $1,576 $1,455 $728
3 $47,767 $3,981 $1,991 $1,838 $919
4 $57,720 $4,810 $2,405 $2,220 $1,110
5 $67,673 $5,640 $2,820 $2,603 $1,302
6 $77,626 $6,469 $3,235 $2,986 $1,493
7 $87,579 $7,299 $3,650 $3,369 $1,685
8 $97,532 $8,128 $4,064 $3,752 $1,876
Each additional
family member
$9,953 $830 $415 $383 $192

       *Pregnant women count as 2 (mom and unborn child) when you calculate your household size.

  • You need to live in the area served by your local health department. To confirm where you live, bring a current bill or a rent or mortgage receipt that shows your street address to your first appointment.
  • You need to show identification for each family member applying for WIC. This may be a picture ID, birth certificate, or current Medicaid card. WIC is an equal opportunity program. Any information requested about your racial and ethnic background is for record keeping only. WIC does not ask about your immigration or citizenship status and these do not affect your eligibility. 
  • You need to have a medical or nutrition-based condition. This is determined by a WIC health professional at your first WIC appointment. They will measure the height and weight of you and your children and may take a small blood sample to check your iron levels. A WIC health professional will talk with you about these results. They will ask you questions about your family’s eating habits, current and past medical conditions, and talk about any other nutrition-related concerns you may have. They’re here to listen to you and answer your questions.

Click here to apply for WIC or request an appointment online. You can also call your nearest WIC clinic in the public health department for the county you live in. The clinic will schedule an appointment to see if you qualify for the WIC program and certify you if you do. Some clinics offer walk-in appointments.

Go to the clinic locations page to find WIC clinic locations and contact information.

  • Please take the following items to your first WIC appointment:
    • Proof of income such as each applicant’s Medicaid card or pay statements from the last 30 days for each adult living in your home. If you’re paid every week, bring 4 pay statements. If you’re paid every other week or twice a month bring 2 pay statements. Please report all income.
      • You may also bring a letter from Workforce Services showing the amount you receive in SNAP benefits or the Family Employment Program.
      • If your income is seasonal or fluctuates throughout the year, or if you are self employed, bring your most recent tax return.
      • Electronic verification of income is allowed if you can show pay statements to clinic staff on your smart phone or other device.
    • Proof of address such as a current utility bill, or a current rent or mortgage bill or receipt. It must have your street address printed on it.
    • Proof of identity for each person to be certified such as a: driver license, birth certificate, Medicaid card or photo ID. Infants may use a crib card or a hospital document. Children age 1 and older require a birth certificate, Medicaid card, or photo ID.
    • Infants and children being certified.
    • A parent or guardian must be present at certification appointments.

Information shared with the WIC clinic staff is kept confidential. You will have the opportunity to read the privacy policy along with your rights and responsibilities on the program.

After you’re certified on the program, you’ll receive a Utah WIC card. This is a debit-type card used to purchase WIC foods at the grocery store. Healthy foods for you and your children will be issued to your WIC account. You can use your WIC card at most stores in Utah. Our authorized vendor list shows which stores accept WIC cards in Utah.

You will continue to have appointments with WIC clinic about every three months to receive nutrition education and be issued additional food benefits.

Please watch the WIC orientation video (linked below). Please call your local WIC clinic if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you!

Orientation video (other languages)