Frequently Asked Questions

What foods does WIC provide?

WIC provides an assortment of foods including fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, whole grains, cereal, eggs, legumes, peanut butter, infant foods, and infant formula.

Do I have to buy all my WIC foods?

No, it is not a problem if you choose not to purchase an item or purchase less of the WIC foods provided to you.

Can I replace foods I don’t use with another food?

A few substitutions are allowed for some foods. Contact your WIC clinic to discuss your options and have your card benefits changed. No substitutions may be made at the store. You must buy WIC authorized foods in the food categories loaded to your card. Check the WIC Shopper app or your Utah WIC Shopping Guide.

May I feed my WIC foods or my child’s WIC foods to other members in my household?

WIC foods are meant for the person they were issued for. All family member’s benefits are loaded onto one card. If the WIC participants in your family don’t eat a certain WIC-provided food, do not buy it or ask the clinic staff to remove it from your card. If you have gotten WIC foods that are unneeded, bring them to your WIC clinic.

What should I do if I reduce or stop breastfeeding?

Contact your WIC clinic. You will meet with a nutritionist and discuss the options available to you.

Will SNAP benefits and WIC benefits be on the same card?

No. The eWIC card for the WIC program is separate from the EBT card for the SNAP program.

How does the eWIC card work at the store?

The process is very similar to using a debit or credit card. Participants shop for their WIC approved items. At checkout, the eWIC card is inserted into the card reader where WIC approved items are deducted from the balance on the card. Unused benefits will remain on the card and will expire the last day of the month at midnight.

Do participants need to show identification with their eWIC card at the grocery store?

No. Identification is not required with the eWIC card at the grocery store. The PIN will be the participant’s identification for using the card.

Who can change the eWIC card PIN?

Only the head of household (parent/guardian) can change the PIN for an eWIC card. This is done at the clinic.

Can eWIC cards be used at self-checkout registers or for online shopping?

Some stores are ready to accept eWIC cards at self-checkouts. Please ask store staff before using self check-checkout. Utah WIC is also planning to work towards online shopping in the future.

What should I do if an item on the WIC Approved Food List does not get deducted from my eWIC card at checkout?

After scanning all items, WIC-approved food items on the family’s card will be deducted from the eWIC card. Check the receipt to ensure the items are correctly deducted before pressing the key to confirm your purchase. If you find an item you couldn’t buy at the store that you believe should be a WIC approved item, submit the item to WIC for consideration using the “I couldn’t buy this” button on the WIC Shopper app. UPCs for packaged produce items are normally added at the store level. Please speak with a store manager or customer service if you find a produce item you could not buy with your eWIC card.

What is the WICShopper Application?

WICShopper is a specialized WIC smartphone application. The application will assist participants in identifying WIC-approved food items at the grocery store. The application will allow participants to scan an item’s Universal Product Code (UPC) to ensure that it is a WIC-approved item before checking out. Participants can link their card to the app to keep track of the balance. The application has many other features to help WIC participants get the most out of the WIC program.