WIC Policies



I. Vendor Management

Complaints Against VendorsState and Local ResponsibilitiesVendor AuthorizationVendor FilesVendor MonitoringVendor Training

II. Nutrition Services – Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Promotion and Support
BF AidsBF DescriptionsBF InterviewBF Positive Peer InfluenceBF Promotion and SupportPositive BF Clinic Environment
Certification, Screening and Assessment
Anthro and Lab ProceduresCertification Health AssessmentsMidcertification Health AssessmentsNutrition Risk Manual
Food Package Prescriptions
Food PackagesFoods that are AuthorizedMedicaidOrdering Formula from StateTailoring Food Packages
Health Care Referrals
Health Care Referrals
Nutrition Education and Counseling
Breastfeeding CounselingMonitoring and Evaluation (NEP)Nutrition and Food Package CounselingNutrition Education

III. Information System

Ad Hoc ReportsInfo ReportsRequired Reports
System Security and Planning
System SecurityInfo System Planning

IV. Organization and Management

Emergency Planning
Emergency Planning
Computer HardwareEquipment InventoryEquipment Purchasing
Homeless and Domestic Violence Shelters
Homeless and Domestic Violence Shelters
Policy and Information Sharing
MeetingsMemosSharePointState Plan Process
Record Retention
Record Retention
Staffing and Training Requirements
Staff TrainingStaffing Requirements
Supplies and Materials
Clinic Forms and Supplies Ordering (UCI)Forms and Training Modules

V. Nutrition Services and Administration Expenditures

Allowable Expenditures
Food and NSA ExpensesTime Studies
Local Agency Funding
Funding CommitteeFunding Formula
Direct and Indirect CostMonitoring of Nutrition Ed Costs

VI. Food Funds Management

Food Funds Management

VII. Caseload Management

Waiting Lists
Waiting Lists

VIII. Certification

Certification Procedures
Categories and Cert PeriodsMissed AppointmentsParent-Guardians and ProxiesPresence at CertificationProcessing StandardsProvisional CertsRights and Responsibilities ProceduresSteps for CertificationTransfersVoter Registration
Homeless & Migrant Applicants
Homeless ApplicantsMigrant Applicants
Identity and Residency
Proof of IdentityProof of Residency
Income Eligibility
Adjunct EligibilityHouseholdsIncome DocumentationIncome ExclusionsIncome GuidelinesIncome ReassessmentIncome TypesSpecial Income Situations
Ineligibility and Termination
Ineligible ApplicantsTermination
Participant Violations and Complaints
Complaint HandlingDual ParticipationParticipant Violations

IX. Food Benefit Accountability and Control

Benefit Issuance
Card InventoryE-WIC Card IssuanceProration
Instructions to Participants
Instructions to Participants
Reconciling Benefits
Formula and Food ReturnsLost Cards and Hot Carding

X. Monitoring and Audits

Fiscal Audits
Fiscal Audits
Local Agency Self Evaluation and Monitoring
Conflict of InterestMonitoring of StaffSelf Evaluation Tool
Management Evaluations
State Management EvaluationsUSDA Management Evaluations
Technical Assistance
Technical Assistance Visits

XI. Civil Rights

Civil Rights ReviewsCivil Rights TrainingCollection of Racial and Ethnic DataComplaints of DiscriminationLimited English ProficiencyNondiscrimination StatementPersons with DisabilitiesPublic Notification