For Vendors


WIC currently has enough funding to continue business as usual for the near future. WIC clinics remain open. All participants should be allowed to shop and redeem their Utah WIC vouchers. WIC vouchers being presented can and should be accepted during the shutdown. All vouchers will be reimbursed through normal banking operations by the Utah WIC program. WIC vendors should not turn a WIC participant away during the Federal government shutdown. In the event that the shutdown extends beyond the month of February, we will provide further updates and guidance. If you have any questions please call the Utah WIC Program at 1-877-942-5437.

Utah WIC vendors are an essential and important part of providing healthy foods to WIC participants.  The information found here will assist approved and interested vendors in successful application of WIC processes and procedures.  We welcome all grocery stores in Utah to apply to become a WIC vendor.  For those stores interested in becoming WIC approved, please click “Vendor Agreement” on the right side of the screen and download the current Vendor Agreement/Application.  Vendors may also call the State WIC office at 1 (877) 943-5437 and ask to speak with a WIC Vendor Management representative.

WIC Vendor Management staff provides the following services:

  • Screening and processing of Vendor Agreement Applications
  • Process Vendor Claims
  • Review vendor compliance with WIC’s competitive pricing criteria and other policies
  • Provides training and support to vendors for compliance with WIC regulations

Utah WIC thanks you for your continued support of the WIC program.  We look forward to working with you in every step of the process.