Vendor Agreement

2018-2021 Vendor Agreement

Utah WIC Vendor Agreement Memo/Instructions2018-2021 WIC Vendor Application2018-2021 WIC Vendor Agreement

Vendor Management Policies

As part of the WIC Vendor Agreement, WIC vendors must agree to and comply with the policies below:

Administrative ReviewCash-Value Benefits (EBT)Cash-Value Voucher data FieldsCheck Data FieldsCompliance Purchases and Inventory Audits (EBT)Compliance Purchases and Inventory AuditsConfidentiality of Vendor InformationConflict of InterestDefinitions in Food Delivery (EBT)Definitions in Food DeliveryDescription of Food Delivery System (EBT)Description of Food Delivery SystemDocumentation of Vendor Sales (EBT)Documentation of Vendor SalesEBT Capability (EBT)ECR Reimbursement (EBT)Evaluation of Authorized VendorsFile Transmissions (Claim file – Hot Card – APL) EBTFood Inventory RequirementsFood Price Reporting ListLost e-WIC cards at Vendor (EBT)Names of Companies in Food DeliveryNotification of Program ChangesPayment Disputes and Appeals (EBT)Purchase of Infant FormulaReimbursement and Claims (EBT)Reimbursement and ClaimsRenewal of the Vendor AgreementTransaction Procedures (EBT)Transaction ProceduresUse of Incentives and PromotionsUse of the WIC Acronym and LogoVendor Authorization (EBT)Vendor AuthorizationVendor ComplaintsVendor MonitoringVendor TrainingVendor Violations and Sanctions (EBT)Vendor Violations and SanctionsWIC Vendor Identification (EBT)WIC Vendor Identification

The above policies are subject to change and are reviewed and updated annually through the State Plan process. Public comments on the WIC State Plan are welcome. Due to the coming transition to EBT, also known as e-WIC, many policy sections have two versions, one that will continue to be used while the state issues benefits on paper checks, and another version of the policy that will be implemented during pilot and statewide rollout of EBT. Please contact the State WIC Office at 801-273-2991 if you have any questions or comments.