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Dear Vendors,

Utah eWIC is officially live and running statewide! Thank you for your continued efforts to help us with this historic project. We TRULY appreciate it!


eWIC Vendor Calls

eWIC Call Schedule (revised)

Agendas for upcoming Vendor Calls are posted below. Minutes will be posted when they are available after the meetings.

All Vendor Calls

All Vendor Call #1 Call Minutes 1-09-20All Vendor Call #2 Minutes 2-24-20All Vendor Call #3 Minutes 3-23-20All Vendor Call #4 Minutes 4-27-20All Vendor Call #5 Minutes 5-26-20All Vendor Call #6 Minutes 6-22-20All Vendor Call #7 Minutes 7-27-20All Vendor Call #8 Minutes 8-24-20All Vendor Call #9 Agenda 9-28-20All Vendor Call #10 Agenda 10-26-20All Vendor Call #11 Agenda 11-16-20Statewide Vendor Call Minutes 4-26-21


#1 – Utah eWIC Alert (1-30-20)#2 – Utah eWIC Alert (2-25-20)#3 – Utah eWIC Alert (3-3-20)#4 – Utah eWIC Alert (2-25-20)#5- Utah eWIC Alert (5-27-20)#6- Utah eWIC Alert (6-30-20)#7- Utah eWIC Alert (7-27-20)#8- Utah eWIC Alert (10-08-20)

eWIC Training

State-conducted “Training of Trainers”

eWIC Vendor In Store Training Requirements

Post Training Assessment Survey

Utah eWIC Vendor Training PowerPoint (PDF)

Utah WIC Vendor Training (Spanish) – YouTube

Informational Materials

eWIC Buyer’s GuideeWIC Buyer’s Guide (Spanish)

eWIC Buyer’s Guide Video – YouTube

WIC Authorized Food Booklet 2020-21WIC Authorized Food Booklet 2020-21 (Spanish)WIC Shopper App FlyerMobiWIC Stand-Beside System Training (for stores using the MobiWIC stand-beside point of sale device)


Below are important forms vendors need to complete to prepare to accept Utah eWIC cards. Please email completed forms to wicvendors@utah.gov

Direct Deposit FormNon-Disclosure of Confidential Information Agreement (NDA)

Did a customer find an item they couldn’t buy with their eWIC card that you believe should be a WIC approved item? Submit the item to WIC for consideration using the form below.

I Couldn’t Buy This! – WIC UPC Submission Form

UPCs for packaged produce items are normally added at the store level through the produce mapping process. Please speak with a store manager, scan coordinator or IT/POS specialist if you find a produce item not working for WIC.

eWIC Policies

Below are important eWIC specific policies vendors should be aware of. This list does not include all policies affecting WIC vendors. A comprehensive list can be found at the following link: https://wic.utah.gov/vendors/vendor-agreement/

File Transmissions (Claim file – Hot Card – APL)EBT CapabilityFood Delivery System and Transaction ProceduresFood Price Reporting ListLost e-WIC cards at VendorPayment Disputes and AppealsReimbursement and ClaimsVendor AuthorizationVendor Violations and Sanctions