SUNSHINE – Tools for Mental Wellness During Pregnancy and After Birth


S – Sleep:

Aim for four to six hours of sleep in a row, at least three nights a week. Ask a family member or friend give the first feeding of the night so you can get enough rest.

U – Understand:

Counseling with a trained maternal mental health professional prevents and treats mental health issues. Learn more by calling Help Me Grow at 801-691-5322, or by visiting

N – Nutrition:

Take a prenatal vitamin through one year postpartum. Avoid caffeine and sugar when possible. Include protein and unsaturated fats at every snack and meal. Drink two large pitchers of water daily.

S – Support:

Share your feelings with a trusted friend or family member, or find a support group online or in-person. Ask for help with baby care – getting an hour each day to yourself is essential.

H – Humor:

Make time for silliness and joy each day. A funny movie, time with friends, or tickling your children can all improve your mood. If laughing seems impossible, it is time to seek more support.

I – Information:

Take the Edinburg Postnatal Depression Scale monthly for a year postpartum to track your mental health. Call your provider if your score is 10 or above, or if you marked anything other than “never” on question 10 about self-harm.

N – Nuture:

Care for yourself through: nature, spiritual practices, music and art, meditation, dates with friends, etc. Schedule weekly time in your calendar to do things you enjoy outside of motherhood.

E – Exercise:

Walking 10-20 minutes  a day can help your body, mind, and spirit heal and stay emotionally healthy. You can also try yoga or stretching if your provider gives you the go-ahead.