Coronavirus WIC Update

WIC is helping clients during this pandemic. Clinics are doing their best to serve clients remotely. Please call your clinic before coming in to see what adjustments they are making. You probably won’t need to come to the clinic in person. Most appointments can be completed over the phone and eWIC cards can be mailed or picked up curbside. If your clinic is still allowing in-person appointments, please make sure all family members are feeling well and you have not been exposed to COVID-19.

WIC Schedules may have been adjusted or reduced during the pandemic as WIC staff, as public health employees, are also supporting their local health departments in COVID-19 vaccine administration. Check your local health department’s websites for any updated information. We appreciate your patience during this busy time!

We know these are difficult times. State and local WIC staff are working hard to find ways to serve you better during this pandemic. We appreciate your participation in WIC. Please keep yourselves and your family members safe and enjoy extra time together.


If your clinic asks you to send them documentation for your appointment, the following guidelines will help protect your personal information as much as possible. There is always a risk when personal identifying information is shared online. If you have concerns, speak with the clinic staff. You may have the option to mail in copies of your documents. Consider the following tips:

  • Use secure or encrypted email if possible. Clinic staff may be able to start an encrypted email thread with you.
  • Use a live video app to show your proofs to the clinic staff rather than sending them online.
  • When submitting documents through a less secure method (standard email, text, etc.) avoid sending birth certificates; it is recommended to obscure Driver License numbers with a piece of tape, etc.; NEVER submit a document with a visible Social Security Number.
  • Flexibility will be allowed to accept other documents containing the name and date of birth of the applicant/participant as a form of ID.